Executive Committe Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, January 2015

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The meeting was held at EuroGeographics Office, Brussels, Belgium on the 14th January 2015

Signing SLA

President of EuroGeographics, Ingrid Vanden Berghe (front left) signs an SLA with Dorine Burmanje, Director Management, Policy and Strategy, Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency, The Netherlands to provide a secretariat for UN-GGIM: Europe watched by the executive committee.



Agenda Item 2: Secretariat Service Dorine Burmanje

Agenda Item 4: Report from High Level Forum Dorine Burmanje

Agenda Item 5A: Report from Working Group A Francois Chirié

Agenda Item 5B: Report from Working Group B Hansjoerg Kutterer

Agenda Item 6: Report on Global UN-GGIM Activities, WG on National Institutional Arrangements Antonio Arozarena

Agenda Item 7: 2015 Events, Actions and Timetables Peter ter Haar

Agenda Item 8: Supporting the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals Kristian Møller

Agenda Item 10: EU Initiatives and Programmes Stefan Jensen